Hi! I’m Scott eastman

lead pastor

A life-long resident of Green Bay, Scott grew up in the church beginning with St Mary of the Angels and Central Assembly of God. But it wasn’t until he was in his late forties that he came to understand and encounter Jesus more deeply. Pastor Scott spent five years on staff at Life Church, Green Bay who helped launch a downtown campus which eventually became UnChurch. Scott is married to Kate and together they have two children Raelee and Abram. Scott also has two grown children, Alycia and Jared. In addition to shepherding at UnChurch, Scott has been a portrait and wedding photographer since 2008.

Why UnChurch: “We’re convinced there’s a great number of our neighbors who, like me, grew up going to church but were never able to make the connection between their religion and a relationship. UnChurch is built around setting aside the accessories of religion and focusing on foundational truths and pathways that lead us to Jesus including biblical teaching, relational community, and hearts for service.”


Associate pastor

A Milwaukee native, Chris accepted Christ at a young age. During his youth Chris was involved in the men’s ministry, he was a junior armor bearer and faithful choir member. In 2017 Chris was ordained to be a reverend and since then he has preached nationally at various churches, colleges and nonprofit organizations. More recently Chris was involved in the marriage ministry, and creative team at Life Church prior to joining Unchurch. In addition, Chris is founder  of a faith-based brand in De Pere. Chris is married to Brittany and together they have three children, Railynn, Kailynn and Zailynn.

Why UnChurch:Other perspective is so important when learning the biblical truth about God. UnChurch allows this aspect by gathering in table discussion, which uniquely creates an open dialogue on thoughts and questions.

Heather Lindsley

director board/Missions

Heather sits on our board of directors and also steers our mission and outreach efforts.

Why UnChurch:When I think about going to church as a child, I remember the dress clothes, not talking to anyone, making sure to memorize certain prayers and knew when to sit, stand and kneel.  Now I have a meal with friends, people that want to know more about Jesus!  We ask tough questions and help each other through rough times.  Jesus should not be a 1 day a week event but a lifestyle.  Since I joined UnChurch, I have learned more than in my previous 45 years. I understand who I should be compared to who I was and everyday I want to be a better version of who He wants me to be.

Gary Frost

director board

Gary sits on our board of directors as well as leading the UC Men’s group.

Why UnChurch: “UnChurch is a community of people that love God with all their heart, mind and soul and you feel it as soon as you walk through the doors. That feeling has stayed with me everyday since the first time I attended. Since UnChurch I feel encouraged in God’s love – wanting to be the best Christian I can be, loving others with all my heart and discipling the children of our community.”

carlos montes

tech lead

Carlos manages and directs our Audio, Visual and Lighting functions.

Why UnChurch: “After never feeling comfortable in a church, UnChurch was very welcoming and didn’t judge me for my lack of church attendance in the past. Going to UnChurch is fun, it doesn’t feel like church even though it is. I’ll always appreciate how they gave me the opportunity to learn and expand my knowledge of audio and visual production.”