Our Story

UnChurch began as a campus church plant of Life Church in 2019. Located downtown to reach those of our neighbors who were more open to a church experience at an unexpected time, in an unconventional space, and in an unorthodox format.

The church quickly built a culture around the notion (and Jesus’ red-letter teaching) for us to love, love and go! We should LOVE God with all our heart, mind, strength and soul. We should LOVE others (even the ones we don’t like). And we should GO and make disciples, teaching them the good news and baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Everything we do as a church stems from this mission.


Our Mission

UnChurch exists to bring the life-giving message of Jesus to our un- and under-churched neighbors and friends. We do church in circles through conversation so those who are skeptical, burned, or searching for deeper meaning can experience church differently.

Our Location

We meet at 612 Stuart Street, Green Bay, WI in the former Grace Presbyterian Church, now The Micah Center. We love the majesty and history of the space as well as the warmth and generosity of our housemates.


612 Stuart Street
Downtown Green Bay, WI


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