UC kids

Kids are a big deal at UnChurch. SO MUCH of what we understand about God and our faith is formed in our youngest years. That’s why we focus on bible lessons, games and activities. Not to make our kids memorize what the bible says, necessarily, but to experience what the bible promises. UC Kids will always be shown Jesus in how they are taught and how they are loved!




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Before Kids Group, families stay together for mealtime and worship.

Our kids benefit from watching us connect with others in our community. Keeping them in “big church” through the meal allows them to be (and feel) included. Having them stay through worship accomplishes two things: 1) It exposes them to a time of unified praise which the bible tells us is critical to our faith, and 2) It gives us a chance to lead them in a time of prayer in worship; our kids should see us worship so they can begin the process of modeling our faith.

Afterwards, in Kids Group, they can receive more age-appropriate teaching and conversation. 

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