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Sundays at 9AM





Sundays at 9AM 

At The Micah Center

612 Stuart St, Green Bay, WI 54301

You Belong Here

Unusual. Uncommon. Unexpected. Uncomplicated. that’s unchurch! We are an outpost of believers on the edge of God’s kingdom, finding redemption in Jesus Christ and walking by the lamp of his command to love & love & go – Love god, love others and go tell the world.

Meet The Team

We’re a collection of believing misfits, mavericks, and firebrands who share one passion: to bring the unapologetic and unencumbered good news of Jesus to our neighbors.  We are, each of us, sold out for the Gospel and bought-in to building community around tables and around the city. In the spirit of St Paul’s letter to the church in Rome (12:4-8), our collection of entrepreneurs, professionals, organizers and technicians complements the skill sets and gifts present in our faith community to make as much of an impact as possible for the Kingdom and glory of God.

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